What about a faith based challenge…

I have always thought the idea would be fun to have a challenge group set up that is based on personal development and building up our faith (or spiritual practice) but would also incorporate fitness and clean eating too.  I have found that in the past several years, I have walked away from my own spiritual development which has left me unsure of a lot of things in my life.  But as I have looked into my own life, I have realized that this happens a lot not just to myself but to all of us as we get busy in our lives with work, running our kids around, etc.  Then I saw a post from another coach who is doing a similar challenge for her groups.

What a wonderful concept isn’t it?  This challenge group would have a holistic approach…and…it’s FREE (except for the purchase of the book which would be inexpensive on Amazon).  As I’m forming this challenge group, I’m going to start looking for books to go through with the group.  Ideas of spiritual development books that are not overly theological or cheesy would be much appreciated.

The challenge group will start mid-to-late March and will be free to join.  It will have a minor cost for the book that we’ll go through (you can either buy it in book form or on kindle).  There will be daily workout & reading challenges and a meal plan to go along with the group.  I will encourage everyone to incorporate Shakeology into their challenge, however, I won’t require it.

If you would like more information on Shakeology you can go to my site: http://www.shakeology.com/mommarnontherun or if you’d like more info on workout programs you can click on: http://www.teambeachbody.com/connect/beachbody-challenge?referringRepId=546291

I am looking forward to re-building my own faith and spirituality in this challenge group and would love it if you would do it with me!  Message me at: sarah.peers@gmail.com or comment below.


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