21 Day Fix Extreme

I am so excited to announce that the 21 Day Fix Extreme will be available for purchase as of this coming Monday, February 2nd!!!  My challengers, myself, and so many other people have obtained such amazing goals through the first program 21 Day Fix.
What is the 21 Day Fix?  It is a 21 day workout program designed to guide one into clean eating and proper portion controlling while learning to bring some form of exercise into the daily routine.  With the 21 Day Fix, participants have colored portion control containers that are labeled according to what food group should be portioned out.  There is a meal plan guide that also encourages certain food groups and portion sizes.  The exercise dvds are also amazing and really fun to do!  My favorite by far is the Plyo Fix which is all plyometrics (push ups, sit ups, skater slides, etc).  They are not hard to do but will give you that nice sore feeling when you’re done.  Pilates and yoga are also one of the daily options.  There is a calendar to guide you as to which day you would perform a certain workout (ie: Monday would be Cardio Fix, Tuesday Dirty 30, etc). The 21 Day Fix Extreme is for those that have already completed this program or already have a daily workout routine.  It is to push you to the extreme of these workouts and I can’t wait!!!  Would you like to do this with me and hold each other accountable?  Message me at sarah.peers@gmail.com or comment below.

21 day fix21 day fix extreme


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