My story & where I’m at with Beachbody Coaching

Why have I decided to become a Beachbody Coach?  Well, it has been a wonderful decision but one that was hard to make.  I’m not a certified fitness instructor or Life coach.  I’m an RN on a cardiac step down unit in which we specialize in Congestive Heart Failure patients from the beginning stages to the more severe stages requiring Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs), Total Heart Pumps (TAHs), or transplant.  I’m also a mother of two very busy children and a wife to my loving husband.

But why did I want to become a coach?  This is my story.

Growing up, I have always struggled with my weight and looking back, I was never “fat” but I just wasn’t what our society believes I should have been.  I was “thick” but in shape.  I played soccer from about age 9 until 16 when I as injured and couldn’t play in more.  I was muscular.  But the thing I struggled with the most is the words people said about me.  Family members, friends, and even my ex-fiance had told me that I was fat and that I needed to lose weight.  Those words gave me a complex so much so that I began to see myself has an obese, unwanted person whenever I looked in the mirror.  I started to identify myself with these words.  It was a very sick, negative time in my life and it caused me to become really shy.  I started dieting to aid in my weight loss efforts.  I tried everything that was around and that I knew wouldn’t cause too much harm.

In my first semester in college at Northern Arizona University, I was unable to get the meal plan that they offered (which wasn’t mandatory at the time) and so I had to work in order to be able to bring in enough money to eat.  I was able to do this for awhile and occasionally my mom would send care packages to help me….but there were times when all I ate was Vegetable Thins and Coffee.  I would snack on  Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in the evenings when I was studying.  Then I learned that I could binge and that people started noticing that I was losing weight.  Early on, they said I looked good but then after awhile, friends started asking if I was eating.  It was a downward spiral that thankfully quickly came to an end.  For many reasons, I ended up moving back home and attending a community college in town.  I started eating better since I was home with my family but unfortunately the weight started coming back too.  I joined a gym and learned the right way to keep off the extra weight through exercise and eating smaller portions.

I then got married and gained more weight due to the birth control that I was on.  It felt like I became huge overnight.  So continued the weight loss roller coaster.  Years went by and being in nursing school, I didn’t have the time or energy to get to the gym so I joined Weight Watchers.  I lost about 25lbs with the program and felt the best I had ever felt in years and then I got pregnant with my son and gained 46lbs (mostly water weight….but not all of it).  I was at my heaviest at 206lbs!  I literally had a melt down.  To top it off, we had just moved across the country, away from my family and I was starting a new job on a new unit in which I had no knowledge or skill sets to give me the confidence I needed.  The weight loss roller coaster ended at a stand still.  About a year and a half later, I realized that if I was going to become healthy and lose weight the right way….and keep it off….then I would need to learn to eat right and go to the gym to kick start my weight loss.  So I did.  I got a gym membership and started going 5 days a week and eating more clean.  I got pregnant again and was told that I was borderline gestational diabetic.  I was determined to maintain my weight loss, have a healthy pregnancy, and then lose the extra weight after my daughter was born.  I was able to only gain 18lbs with my daughter and then lose about 20-30lbs in that year after my pregnancy.

How did I do this?  I had a friend (who is now my coach) who asked me to join a challenge group of hers.  Through the accountability of her challenge group, the workout program I did (T25), and staying consistent with eating clean foods, I was able to lose more weight.  And this time I kept it off!  So when she asked me to start coaching, I jumped.  Looking back, I probably started coaching a little too soon.  I was in school getting my bachelors in nursing (BSN) and my husband wasn’t in total agreement at the time. So in August 2014, I decided to make the painful (for me) decision of quitting.  But during that time, I took a lot of time to reflect on who I am now that I have graduated and what I see myself doing in the future.  And it has been good!

So what does that mean now?  I am coaching again and this time my husband is okay with it….as long as it doesn’t cost us too much out of pocket.  :o)
My 2-5 year goal is to take courses through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and become a certified health coach.  Along the way, I’ll still offer challenge groups for you.  Because my dream is to help others become a healthier version of themselves.  Whether that means weight loss, learning to eat more clean, portion control, build muscle, or just gain a better outlook on their overall health and fitness….I want to help you along in that journey!

-Sarah Peers, RN BSN


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