So I’ve realized that I don’t stick with anything for very long.  I start a book and then I get bored.  I start a new exercise and I get bored.  I try to reorganize my way of eating and I don’t stick with the book because I’m scared to death of re-vamping my routine.  The only things I have stuck with for a long period are the things I’m comfortable with: my family & my job.  Does this ring true for you?

So my new year’s resolution is to stick with one thing and see it through.  Since my scale jumped up and slapped me in the face, this is going to be centered around my workouts.  I need to stick with one program and see it through to the end.  I’m going to do this thing!  T25 is a great workout program and when I stuck with the 10 weeks I had done before, I saw some major results.  I’m going to do it again starting with Beta this time and stick through it to the end even if I have hiccups along the way.  Along with this goal is to re-vamp my diet. As you know, I have been reading through the Forks Over Knives Plan.  I’m not sure it’s realistic for me to totally change over to a vegan lifestyle but I’d like to make some minor changes and maybe have a few dinners with no meat or dairy.  Shoot….if the recipes taste good, then I’ll continue to cook vegan.  This morning I made egg & spinach muffins for the kids.  They went over pretty well.  My daughter said she liked them and then after half a muffin, she decided that she didn’t.  I’ll keep trying! 🙂

Another area of my life that I’m working on is my addiction to facebook.  While it’s fun to see everyone’s posts, I find myself just mindlessly scrolling through just wasting time.  Time that I could be focusing on some of the above mentioned items and even more importantly….time that I could and should be spending with my children.  So facebook has been deleted from my phone.  I’m on Day 2 of no facebook and although I find myself going to my phone to check it….it has been freeing.  It’s freeing to not have something wasting my precious time with my family.

Happy Holidays everyone and if I don’t post until the new year, have a happy and blessed New Years Day!


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