Chapters 1&2 – Forks Over Knives Plan

Chapters 1&2 basically are giving an introduction to why the authors came up with the Forks Over Knives cookbooks, meal plans, and such.  Each of them are in the medical field to some extent; some being experienced MD’s who were disgruntled by feeling that they were treating the patient’s symptoms with medications but not the underlying problems.  They gave many examples of how medications can lower the patient’s blood pressure but it is not curing the underlying problem which was clogged arteries.  Statins may help disintegrate clots but that person is still at risk for forming more clots….and so on.  They strongly believe that if we eat clean, whole foods and avoid certain other foods like animal fats and certain oils, we are preventing ourselves from many different diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, cancers, bowel conditions, and much more.  Patients that have implemented the Forks Over Knives Plan into their dietary habits “were not only losing weight but were getting rid of their medications as they reversed their heart disease, cured their diabetes, and reduced their blood pressure and cholesterol” (Forks Over Knives Plan, p.8).

We are often told that genetics cause us to be more at risk to certain diseases and ailments.  And this is true!  But what is also true is that our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on probably ate the same types of foods thus predisposing us to these diseases.  These authors strongly believe that if you change the way you eat, you can change your destiny.  It’s amazing to think that we can change our destiny just with the types of foods that we eat!

I’m so excited!  I can’t wait to learn more and hopefully will be able to adopt this way of eating and living!


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